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QuestionEver ghost ride tha whip? Answer

nah, I’m not cool like, master-yota is.



gold in the net



gold in the net


things I want to do with u

  • spoon
  • make grilled cheese
  • watch dumb movies
  • make a blanket fort
  • maybe kiss or something
  • take selfies
  • hold hands
  • dance to cute music
  • go for walks outside
  • go on adventures
  • try new things
  • star gaze
  • have awesome sex
  • be that ‘cute amazing’ couple
  • wake you up at 3am to fuck your brains out

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Fuck man
Yes. Fuck all of mankind, because these people still exist.

Oh yes. Absolutely they do. More prevalent in the US, because most didn’t experience these things first hand.

I remember a kid in 1st grade was drawing swastikas on the white board. When I asked him what it was, he responded with an “I dunno, but my dad said they are cool.” Teach em young.

Unfortunately, I’ve never had to look far to find absolute shit human beings.

same with the confed. flag, kids and some adults think it represents dukes of hazard lmfao.


If you haven’t tried driving at night while listening to Lazerhawk then you’re seriously missing out.


Nissan skyline insane burnout! for some reason everyone loves this gif  KEEP IT GOING :D! ty l love you all <3

Just saw an svx holy shit

Album Art


reptilia || the strokes

I said please don’t slow me down
if I’m going too fast
you’re in a strange part of our town

Played 1500 times.


are girls still pretending they don’t masturbate?



Parts Stolen 
- 320mm MOMO Monte Carlo Wheel. *scratches on the horn* w/ a grey NRG release attached to the steering wheel
pioneer avic double din head unit
- Password:JDM Power Chamber intake 

If any of these are for sale on forms, ebay, craigslist, facebook sale groups, whatever, please let me know. Thanks.

IG- kvpfotos

Fuck ): I’ll keep a eye out since I’m always browsing for parts.


HotWaterLabs know the fuckin deal.

One of the top 5 sexiest fuckin cars I’ve ever seen.

this kit is probably custom isn’t it.

[HOONIGAN] Bangers: Hert’n ‘em 2013

HERT’N ‘EM 2013: Watch how our own Internet Scientist, Hertrech Eugene Jr. spent his days during the 2013 season while he wasn’t making media magic at the Hoonigan Donut Shop. 

BANGERS: Raw cuts of cars doing rad things set to music we like. Deal with it. 


Will Roegge
Skylar Smith
Corey Denomy
Mark Lenardon
Landin Williams
Dax Rodriguez

Not really my style, but Hert is pretty cool. I’m sure some of you guys might enjoy this, song is Crawl by Childish Gambino I believe.